Ashanthi Perera is a certified Montessori Teacher that is currently serving as the Director of Young Minds Montessori Preschool.

With over 20 years of experience in childcare, Ashanthi started her career as a toddler classroom teacher for several years before starting her own Montessori school in 2008 with one student. By 2018, the school had grown into multiple classrooms with a full capacity of 96 enrolled students.

Ashanthi’s career is built on a foundation of making a long-lasting positive impact on a child’s life. Her love for job translates into how she treats and gets to know not just her students but also her student's families. She firmly believes that she has succeeded with her mission when her student’s families reach out to her after the student has long gone from her school to let her know that they are doing well in higher education.

When Ashanthi is not working, her hobbies include reading, traveling, spending time with her kids, and relaxing in the evenings with her feet up and a Hallmark movie in the background.