Summer Program

Here at Young Minds we believe that learning shouldn't stop just because it's summer. Instead we incorporate an extra sprinkling of fun into our summer curriculum!

sprinkler photo.jpg

Summer Program

Monday: Water Day - students will play with sprinklers, water tables, and other water-based activities.

Tuesday: Art Day - students will get a chance to engage in elaborate art projects and unleash their creative genius.

Wednesday: Around the World Day - students will study different countries around the world and explore their cultures.

Thursday: Cooking Day - students will do some light cooking, preparing a snack either as a class or individually.

Friday: Music Day - students will get the chance to dance and sing to their heart's content.

A Weekly View of Summer

As well as our daily activities, we also have learning objectives for each week of summer.


Week 1: Transportation, Summer Safety

Week 2: Sea Animals, Teamwork, Colors, Kites, Father's Day, Flag Day

Week 3: Mixing Colors (primary and secondary colors), Painting Seashells

Week 4: Desert Animals, Safari, Types of Oceans


Week 1: Independence Day

Week 2: Farmers Markets, Types of Fruits, Types of Vegetables

Week 3: Farms, Farm Animals, Life Cycle of a Chicken, Parts of a Cow

Week 4: International Week and People Around the World


Week 1: Fairytale Week

Week 2: Sports Around the World, Basketball, Games