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"I highly recommend Young Minds for all Preschool kids and am so thankful to them and their staff, we will miss them all."

"My daughter started right at 18 months and my son was going on 4. From the moment we toured the facility until we had to recently relocate it was a positive experience. The owners were super involved and teachers very committed and loving all the time. Both my kids learned all the teachers names right away which I think says a lot. For drop off they would walk right in with a smile ready to get their day started, this was always a relief. Their program really offered so much and it was obvious how much they were learning. I also loved that the facility was always so clean and organized. I highly recommend Young Minds for all Preschool kids and am so thankful to them and their staff, we will miss them all.

-Erica Acuna

"After experiencing the quality of care my son received, it is hard to accept anything less."

"My son attended Young Minds Preschool for almost a year and the only reason we left was because we were moving. Otherwise, he would have stayed there till he started Elementary. He learned so much while attending Young Minds. The amount of attention to detail the teachers put in each and every child is absolutely amazing. Every day I knew exactly what my son had done for the day, what he had eaten, how long he slept,...everything! Now that we are at a different school, I can already see the difference. I am comparing the two and while it may not be fair to the new school we are at, I miss Young Minds Preschool that much more. They truly are running a wonderful program and we are so thankful for the short time we had with them and the precious care they provided."

-Emilie Turner

"Young Minds Montessori Preschool has been an amazing experience for both our children and us. "

"Everyday the kids are excited to go to school and come home to tell us what they have been taught. It has truly been such a wonderful experience that we are constantly wondering how we were lucky enough to find a school that teaches and nurtures our children. I couldn't imagine sending our children anywhere else!! Thank you Young Minds Montessori!!!!"

-Mary Monroe

"We were very fortunate to locate this learning center! Keep up the good work!"

"We are very pleased with both the staff and learning environment provided by Ms. Ashanthi and the YM staff. We left another facility due to safety concerns and have found YM to excel in safety and parent communication. Our daughter was recently adopted from China and just in the short time we have been back is now speaking fluent English (no prior experience), due in part to the YM staff teaching program. "

-Francisco Loera

"We are very happy with our decision and we are very blessed to have found this preschool for our son."

We recently moved to Texas from South Florida and after looking at a few places in the area, we decided to enroll our 3-year-old at Young Minds. We couldn't have been happier! Young Minds have been extremely attentive to our son and they have helped tremendously in his transition from his previous preschool. Young Minds has the perfect amount of children in each classroom, which allows an one on one attention for your child if needed. Ms. Ashanti and Ms. Eliisa are always available to discuss your child's needs and achievements any time you need. Their transparency sealed the deal for me. They truly care for your child. They are so welcoming, it makes you feel at ease and confident to leave your child in there while you are at work. The Montessori method has been working really well for our son and his teacher Ms. Olga has an enormous amount of patience. We also want to mention that the facility is clean and well put together, also very secure (you have to be buzzed in to enter the preschool). Every single staff member is friendly and will greet you when you show up. We are very happy with our decision and we are very blessed to have found this preschool for our son. We definitely recommend!"

-Ingrid Baroni Da Costa

"Excellent school"

Excellent school. The director and teachers are always kind to our family. Our 3 year old has loved all his teachers and is making great progress.

-Alan Zambrano

"I absolutely LOVE Young Minds!"

I absolutely LOVE Young Minds! My son has gone there for a few years, and we could not be happier. The environment, staff, and owners are all wonderful and make it so my son looks forward to going to school. Not only does he have fun, he learns a LOT!

- Caitlin Giacalone

"We’ve been very happy here!"

Our son has attended Young Minds for the past year and a half. The staff is warm, caring, and attentive. Miss Jordan holds a special place in our family’s heart! The owners know each of the kids by name and are very communicative with parents. We’ve been very happy here!

-Devon Tiffin

"Thank you Young Minds and a special thank you to Mrs. Olga!"

When our daughter was turning 2, we felt it was time for her to start interacting more with kids her age. We looked around many places in the Cedar Park area and finally settled on Young Minds. We speak mostly Spanish at home so we were a bit worried our daughter would have trouble initially. To our pleasant surprise the room she was placed in had Mrs. Olga. Mrs. Olga is awesome! From day one our daughter came home saying her name and was always excited about going to "school". We have had nothing but good vibes from this place and certainly our daughter has enjoyed and learned a lot in the last few months. The owners are great and very friendly (they engage you every day as you walk in, very cool).

Thank you Young Minds and a special thank you to Mrs. Olga!

-Rafa Tapia

"Happy Kid Happy Mom Happy Life!"

I couldn't pick a better place for my daughter to be all day long. She loves the teachers, she loves her friends, she loves the school. She is learning like never before and most importantly I trust that she is safe and in absolutely good hands. At home Poli pretends to be her favorite teacher. It’s cute, she knows that she needs to play with one toy at the time, then she puts it away, she tells her dolls to be good and respectful. I know some of those values are a reflection from what she is learning from Young Minds Montessori School. Happy Kid Happy Mom Happy Life! Thanks to Ashanthi, she plays a big role in these accomplishments. Keep up the GREAT work!

"Young Minds truly recognizes quality over quantity."

Our daughter has been attending Young Minds Montessori since 2016 at the age of 18 months. In the last three years my husband and I have seen our daughter excel in vocabulary, speech, and social etiquette. Ms. Ashanti and her staff are truly a blessing when it comes to child care and education. When I drop our daughter off I feel that I am leaving her with family and I can go about my day freely without that nagging thought "is she okay". Young Minds truly recognizes quality over quantity.

-Lacey and Steven Helmer

"Highly recommend!"

"Ms. Ashanthi is a gifted teacher that provides a great 1-on-1 learning environment for our daughter. She has been attending for just over 6 months, and in that time she has learned how to identify all her letters, numbers, phonics and has begun putting simple words together. At this rate, she'll be reading long before kindergarten!"

-Jason & Gracie Bice (Leander, TX)

"My 3-year-old son has been attending Young Minds Montessori Preschool for a year now and has grown leaps and bounds during his time there."

"Through work on language development, writing skills, letter and sound recognition, number sense, and motor skills, Mrs. Ashanthi does a superb job at honing in on each child's unique set of needs. Not only does this daycare have a rich learning environment, but it is also a place where my son's emotional and social needs are being met. He has made wonderful playmates and friends with those who attend, and he feels safe and secure in the loving and nurturing atmosphere that Mrs. Ashanthi has created. Mrs. Ashanthi and her Young Minds Montessori Preschool is truly a blessing in our lives and we would highly recommend it to any who asks!"

-Sarah Florea

"We feel so fortunate to have found Ms. Ashanthi and her preschool."

"Our son has been enrolled there since he was 18 months old and we credit his advanced language and vocabulary to this program. The environment is always loving and warm while maintaining structure and consistency. Ashanthi has treated our son (and all of us really) like one of her family. It is difficult to find a place where you can feel completely comfortable leaving your child. Young Minds Montessori Preschool; however, is without a doubt one of those places. We could not be happier or more satisfied."

-Ted and Holly Rutherford (Leander, TX)

"He especially likes having Mrs. Ashanthi as a teacher and he gets along well with all of the other children in the school."

"My son, Lucas, has been attending Young Minds Preschool since he was eighteen months old. I noticed how much he was learning after just a few months. Now after a year and a half, he can write and spell his name as well as read basic words. He is interested in books and also enjoys practicing his letters and numbers in the workbooks that they use. Lucas has good communication skills due to being taught grammar and pronunciation at such an early age. He is definitely going to be prepared for kindergarten once the time comes."

- Barbara Mann

"I’ve seen my kids’ creativity prosper over the years"

"Wonderful school. If you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles but want a truly high quality school, this is the place. What I love about this place are the exceptional teachers, very genuine and caring. My biggest problem with previous childcare centers is the high turnover, but Young Minds, especially Ashanthi the director, knows how to retain great talent. The activities they do are developmental and fun for kids. I’ve seen my kids’ creativity prosper over the years."

-Sara Erwa